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Leadership and Team Development Specialist

Great leadership is about working through others effectively to achieve extraordinary results. Having years of expertise and experience in a field, high intelligence and working long hours does not necessarily make a great leader. It’s how you are leading yourself and your team that makes the difference.

You probably have a pretty good idea of your strengths and how you best work. What you may not be aware of is the effect you have on others. What is it like to be led by you? What if you could see behavioral data for yourself and for your team—the strengths, needs and even stress behaviors of the team that either enhance or derail performance?

You have passions and perceptions that color the way you look at success. Team members also have individual passions and perceptions of success affecting work styles and behavior, whether aligned or contrasting. Each of you add value in different ways and with different ideas of success. What if your team could see on paper the perceptions and passions that are motivating each team member for success, and value each team member’s contributions and perceptions?

I can help you grow, develop and reach greater leadership effectiveness, and your team to enhance their individual and collective performance.

I help leaders maximize potential, for themselves and their teams.


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